Kirby Rowbotham Technical Engineer

Mark One Ignition System

Electronic ignition fitted inside your existing magneto. This system is designed for those wishing to retain the original appearance of their motorcycle.

You send your old magneto to us and we will fit a special Boyer Bransden Electronic ignition trigger. A new bearing housing with two shielded ball bearings, garter seal and steel shaft will also be installed. On K1F or K2F types the trigger leads can be disguised as an HT lead. On all other types a separate cable will be fitted, the HT pick-ups being retained for original looks only.

Please supply us with your HT pick-ups. New ones are available from us if required.

This system has the advantage of offering easier starting, smoother running, improved idling and maintenance free operation. Adjustments to timing can be made from inside the magneto, without removing the timing cover. The original appearance of the machine can be maintained. We offer the system in both 6 volt and 12 volt analogue form and in 12 volt digital form. Advance and retard are carried out electronically.

The digital system features a microprocessor, which can compute more than one million decisions every second. This constantly monitors the engine speed and times the spark precisely to suit. We supply miniature digital power coils with this system that give an output in excess of 35,000 volts.

It must be understood that in order to facilitate this conversion, we will re-engineer your old magneto and therefore it can never be returned to its former state. THIS SYSTEM IS NOT SELF ENERGISING. We do not supply battery or drive gear.

You send us your old magneto and it will be returned to you ready to fit. We do all the work. You will receive full fitting and wiring instructions and we are available for additional help, should you require it.

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