Kirby Rowbotham Technical Engineer

Mark Two Ignition System

Replacement ignition unit for Triumph 3TA and 5TA machines

For those of you that do not wish to retain the original appearance of the machine, we can supply a quality engineered ignition unit that will replace the original distributor. It will fit into the same position and be retained by the original clamp.

In order to complete this order, we require the skew gear from the original distributor. Please send this with your order.

This system has the advantages of easier starting, smoother running, improved idling and maintenance-free operation. The unit consists of a sandcast alloy body with spun alloy cap, a steel shaft, fully supported on one ball bearing and one phosphor bronze bearing. Advance and retard are carried out electronically.

We use Boyer Bransden electronic systems in 12 volt analogue form and 12 volt digital form.

The digital system features a microprocessor, which can compute more than one million decisions every second. This constantly monitors the engine speed and times the spark precisely to suit. We supply miniature digital power coils with this system that give an output in excess of 35,000 volts.

Please note; this system is NOT self energising. Neither battery nor drive gear is included in the kit.

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