Kirby Rowbotham Technical Engineer

Mark Three Ignition System

To replace K1F and K2F and BTH magnetos

Our most popular product !

Designed to facilitate the use of Boyer Bransden and Pazon electronic ignition. Available in 6 volt and 12 volt analogue form and in 12 volt digital form.

The digital system features a microprocessor, which can compute more than one million decisions every second. This constantly monitors the engine speed and times the spark precisely to suit. We supply miniature digital power coils with this system that give an output in excess of 35,000 volts.

This unit features a sandcast alloy body and spun alloy cap, steel shaft, fully supported on two large ball bearings and garter seal. It uses the original drive gear or sprocket and requires no modifications to the engine.

Advance and retard are carried out electronically. The system offers easier starting, smoother running and improved idling.

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