Kirby Rowbotham Technical Engineer

Mark Seven Ignition System

Moto Morini 250cc., 350cc and 500cc. Vee-twins.

Designed to replace the original ignition with the extremely reliable Boyer Bransden digital ignition system. Requiring a direct current supply, this ignition system is powered from the lighting circuit on the motorcycle. The ignition power coil on the alternator is eliminated. As the ignition is now connected to the battery, power is available immediately and starting will be easier and tickover much slower and more even.

The system will fit into the same position as the original ignition, without modification and will be supplied with a miniature digital ignition coil. Digital ignition has the advantage of consuming very little power and thus gives the charging circuit an easier life.

The ignition advance is controlled within the ignition unit.

It must be understood that this ignition utilises the "idle spark" system and consequently, the rev counter will read twice the correct speed and will require re-calibration.

Please note; this system is NOT self energising. Neither battery nor drive gear is included in the kit.

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