Kirby Rowbotham Technical Engineer

Mark Eight Ignition System

Electronic ignition fitted inside your distributor

If you have a distributor fitted and still wish to retain the original appearance of your machine, we can fit a special Boyer Bransden electronic ignition trigger. This eliminates the original contact breaker and advance and retard unit but retains the cap and rotor arm to distribute the sparks. The inherent problems associated with the distributor system are eliminated by this conversion, giving bigger sparks at the correct time thus improving the starting, giving smoother running and improved idling.

This system is very versatile and we can fit it to many different types of distributors. Unfortunately we are unable to supply a kit that you can fit yourself. Precision engineering of your distributor is required and once completed it cannot be returned to its original state.

You send us your distributor and it will be returned to you, ready to fit. We do all the work. You will receive full fitting and wiring instructions and we are available for additional help, should you require it.

Conversions already successfully carried out include NORTON ES2, BSA B33, TRIUMPH 3TA & 5TA, TRIUMPH 5T & 6T, MOTO GUZZI V7 & LE MANS, ARIEL SQUARE 4, and many racing cars including the LOTUS SEVEN.

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